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Quality Nutrients and Additives for Plants

Nutrients and Additives for Your Plant's Health

High-quality soluble hydroponic fertilizers contain nutrients in a balanced form to grow fantastic gardens. Additives are products that make nutrients more readily available to plants, protect the plant from diseases and pests, or stimulate growth. Let the helpful professionals at America's Best Hydroponics & Garden Center guide you to the best formula. Shop our online store here!

We're the Only Store in the Antelope Valley to Carry

  • Canna
  • Aptus
  • Bloom

We Also Carry Popular Nutrient and Additive Lines

  • Remo
  • Emerald Harvest
  • Current Culture
  • House & Garden
  • Vermicrop
  • Terpinator
  • Super Nutrients
  • Humboldt County's Own
  • Grotek
  • Dyna Gro
  • Nutrilife
  • Sierra Natural Science
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